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NYSA and its Member Terminals’ commitment to safety remained unwavering in 2015. Together, Management and Labor were instrumental in mentoring the hundreds of individuals entering the workforce in the past year throughout the Port Community. All diligent efforts aimed to ensure that everyone working on the waterfront understood the importance of safety and their responsibility to ensure a safe workplace. The newly hired were first introduced to the common theme of “Safety First” from their first day at New Employee Orientation.

The NYSA Safety Committee, including management safety personnel from each of the direct employers, met regularly to exchange safety information and concepts for best practices, as well as, lessons learned from both local and global accident reviews. The Committee reviews current work practices and may recommend changes to increase the safety of our workforce.

The Joint NYSA-ILA Safety Committee, comprised of both Management and Labor representatives, works collaboratively with the NYSA Safety Committee to reinforce and promote port safety initiatives, raise the overall commitment to safety, and ensure that operational challenges, which may hinder safety protocols, are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

In 2015, NYSA continued to play a role in advising policymakers on initiatives to enhance safety for workers on the waterfront as an active member of NMSA (National Maritime Safety Association). With representatives on both the NMSA Board of Directors and the Technical Committee, NYSA collaborates with OSHA (U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration), MACOSH (Maritime Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health) and other organizations to enhance safety for workers in the maritime industry through the review of industry standards and practices in order to prevent accidents and increase safety awareness on the waterfront.

Both the Joint NYSA-ILA Safety Committee Meetings and the NYSA Safety Committee Meetings serve as valuable forums for sharing key information presented at the quarterly NMSA Meetings.

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